Introducing our new members 2022

After taking on no new members for a couple of years, this year the membership committee splurged out and took on seven. Let’s introduce them and hear what it means to them to join the Group.

Lisa Traxler

‘The aim of the London Group is to create a powerful artist-run group with a structure that nurtures the careers of many British artists’…an inviting and potent statement from the London Group website. My initial encounter was through fellow artist Claire Parrish LG, encouraging me to enter the London Group Open 2017. My successful entry with an enamelled steel sculpture from the ‘Beauty Chorus’ collection was noticed by Tim Craven LG and our subsequent collaboration has led to a successful touring group exhibition, ‘Concrete Castles’ (2021-2023). During the London Group Open of 2019, I was equally honoured to have my sculpture ‘Division’ exhibited and win the Jeff Lowe Sculpture Award. These encounters with the group are tremendously inspiring, highlighting a collection of artists whose warmth, friendliness and absolute professionalism are a dynamic combination. John Crossley LG nominated me to the group and I am thrilled to have been accepted and my work acknowledged. I am looking forward to creative growth and collaboration with these incredible individuals and being part of such history – thank you London Group!  Lisa Traxler LG

Joshua Uvieghara

I’m very pleased to be joining the London Group. Both from having a long-term interest in art and given that London is my hometown LG have always been on my radar and a presence in terms of my awareness of their activity. I was nominated to the group By Mocksim (Micheál O’Connell), whom I have known since we both were studying on the MA in Fine Art at the University of Brighton in 2004, since then I have known Micheál in different capacities: artist-led activity in a gallery in Brighton and other collaborations, and in teaching art.

Joining the group is particularly significant for me working primarily as a studio-based artist, as it gives opportunities to connect and collaborate with other artists, as complex as this can be sometimes, this sense of community is what appeals to me about the group among other things.  Joshua Uvieghara LG

Martin Darbyshire

I was fortunate to be selected for the 2019 London Group Open, and even more so to meet the effervescent Sumi Perera. The exhibition introduced me to the London Group, the role it played in the development of British Modernism and how it continues to provide a platform that represents the divergent nature of the artists affiliated with London. I am delighted to be welcomed into the group and anticipate contributing and listening to the collective and individual voice, alongside experiencing a fascinating array of art. The potential for exhibitions, collaborations, and a good time is exciting, especially after a couple of years with diminished opportunities for artists; the future now looks a Kleinian blue!  Martin Darbyshire LG

Mary Branson

I was so thrilled to be nominated for the London Group, as I had known of the group and their exhibitions at the Cello Factory for some time and I admire the work of so many of the members.  I hoped one day that I might be able to join, and here I am! Like many artists, I spend a lot of time working alone and particularly over the last couple of years I felt that to develop my practice I would benefit from belonging to a group and showing within a professional community.  I hope that I will be able to help wherever I can and be a support for other artists. Mary Branson LG

Hannah Luxton

I am honoured to be elected as a member of the London Group which includes many artists I admire, and some who taught me and put me on my painting path that brought me here today. After art school, in 2012, I founded Glass Cloud Gallery – a nomadic window gallery project that commissions artists to create installations for the passing world to see. I have curated over 30 solo and group exhibitions with this platform, and am looking forward to bringing my skills to support the London Group. Hannah Luxton LG

Steve Pettengell

I first came across The London Group when some great people I was exhibiting with, were themselves nominated a few years ago. I hope to meet and collaborate on various ventures and shows with some of the great artists in the group. Steve Pettengell LG

Anne Leigniel

It is a great honour and an immense pleasure for me to have been elected member of the London Group. I have been very interested by numerous events and exhibitions organised by the group and its members which I followed for several years thanks to Carol Wyss who guided me around before nominating me. 

I had the chance to exhibit in events organised by London Group members which gave me the opportunity to meet some of you in 2019: MINISCULE VENICE curated by Vanya Balogh and FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BAD Curated by Rebecca Feiner with V Balogh and G Leong in Q-Park Leicester Sq. The energy of the artists, the fun and the originality as well as the friendship during the events looked amazing.  I look forward to meeting you all and hope for great exchanges in discussions and projects and can’t wait to find my way to add value to the group. Anne Leigniel LG