Using found images and materials Matthew Kolakowski creates picture spaces that combine these multiple references into constructed narratives.

Matthew Kolakowski Ideal

Ideal – new paintings 2019
Arch 21, Valentia Place, Brixton, SW9 8PJ
Friday 25th-Sunday 27th 10-5pm

Ideal – refers to the notion of something we pursue as individuals, presented to us as a manifestation of a requirement or desire and the Platonic concept referring to the limitations of the physical world.

Recycled cardboard, ink wash, postcards, furniture catalogues, wallpaper and sticky-back vinyl are used to provide references that fabricate the scenarios and embellish their resonance. The interiors have a nostalgic poignancy, inhabited by ghostly reanimated players. An image from a war zone is one of both catastrophe and hope. The sterility of idealised interiors suggest a vacuity equivalent to absence or loss. Scale, material and surface, shift and combine across different layers to evoke the parallels of an interdependent world.