Home Alone Together

Aude Hérail Jäger is another London Group artist who is making productive use of the lockdown period with several online shows.

LIVING-ROOM-LR -Aude-Hérail-Jäger

Ongoing from 1st May 2020
Home Alone Together – Online collaborative project/exhibition hosted by Image Journal

‘No Refuge Even Under the Dining Table’ Photograph Week 4

Co-curated by artist S. Billie Mandle and visual arts editor Aaron Rosen, Home Alone Together is an online exhibition of twenty-five artists from around the world—aged twenty to ninety—that explores the shared, bounded environment in which people now live.

Quarantine is quickly redefining and reconfiguring how people experience home. It can be a space of refuge—representing safety from a nebulous, deadly threat, but also something of a pressure cooker. We are all caught up in a strange experiment of an uncertain duration, and even those fortunate enough to escape direct loss and trauma are forced to reckon with new realities—economic, emotional, spiritual—from the (dis)comfort of their own homes. In this unsettled moment, artists can help draw our experiences into focus.

Every week for the next three months, participating artists will contribute one photograph from a different room of his or her home. Together, these photographs—whether taken in a kitchen or bedroom, the world outside the window, or even the virtual space of technology—will articulate a new, collective picture of home.

We hope this project will create an opportunity to locate something of that quality Gaston Bachelard called “intimate immensity.” What we see has become limited, but not how we see. When the pandemic subsides and we re-enter the world, perhaps our way of seeing will have changed along with us. Maybe we will be more prepared to encounter transcendence, even—perhaps especially—in the mundane.



Ongoing from 11th April 2020
The Lockdown Chronicles – Online artists’ interviews

‘Sentinel XII – preparatory drawing (Drawing-book 51, p.99)’ Graphite on moleskine paper, 20.8cm x 12.8cm. Sentinel XII’s weapons are her flutes that play mysterious tunes and spirit away malevolence. Final large drawing on show in digital exhibition Isolation (see below).

The Lockdown Chronicles is a series of artist interviews carried out during the Covid-19 lockdown to artists around the world who have collaborated with hARTslane in the past 8 years. We believe that in times like these, it is important to reach out, connect and share common personal experiences, concerns and struggles, beliefs as well as practical or inspirational hidden gems. We hope that these artist stories will inspire other fellow artists as well reassure those who might feel alone or isolated or too overwhelmed to create.

hARTslane, experimental art project space, New Cross Gate, London