Here today gone tomorrow

Five artists have been invited by Erika Winstone to exhibit together at the Cello
Factory over a three-day period. Each woman brings a complex creative process to
the equation that will be played out as the work is installed, exhibited and performed.

Liz Harrison | Cara Rainbow | Naomi Siderfin | Susan Sluglett | Erika Winstone

The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Rd, London SE1 8TJ
Preview Thursday 19th April, 6 – 8pm with performance by Cara Rainbow at 7pm
Open Friday 20 / Saturday 21 / Sunday 22 April from 2 – 6pm
There will be two additional performances on 22nd April at 3pm and 4pm

Finely balanced on liminal thresholds of content and meaning, the event is strongly
bound by conceptual overlaps between each exhibitor – in either theme or medium.
The artists are united through research-based practices that span drawing and
painting, video and audio, a sculptural focus on the use of space and personal
performance. Reflective surfaces including silver foil, glass and mirror, facilitate the
segue from one work to another, bringing themes of displacement, temporality and
contingency into dynamic relation. The ephemerality of digital works is grounded by
the materiality of paintings and sculptures and scheduled performances.

Lots more information on the Press Release about the five artists and this unique show.