Erika Winstone features in this group show at Patrick Heide Gallery on subtle transitions and blurred  boundaries.

Patrick Heide – Gradation Poster

“Erika Winstone makes use of moving and still images to capture the actions of people in both cinematic sources and her own life. The intensely layered installation Hotel du Pre projects a film – which itself incorporates silverpoint drawings derived from the actions we see – onto part of a glass panel engraved with what becomes a shadow image. It is conceived, in Winstone’s words ‘to allow the dynamics between the glass panel, reflections, shadows and video to continuously shift’. The film features a re-enactment 35 years later of scenes from Jacques Rivette’s 1981 new wave film Le Pont du Nord, with Winstone and her daughter – Anna Dean – wandering round Paris. The 30 minute loop counterpoints Rivette’s original (which is shown silent) with the re-eanactment (with ambient sound). Given that Rivette’s film itself stars mother-daughter actors – Bulle and Pascale Ogier – but the parts they play are of strangers who meet by chance, the ways in which the film can be read across to Winstone’s own artistic and personal setting become dizzying. Film shades into reality, original into re-enactment, who we are into who we would like to be. Then comes the play between media…”

Patrick Heide Gallery

Erika Winstone – Hotel du Pre