Geographies of Print: Without Horizon, Without Shore

Victoria Arney, Carol Wyss & Victoria Ahrens go beyond the preconceived boundaries of print.

Two London group members Victoria Arney and Carol Wyss are exhibiting in London. The exhibition is opening at The Stone Space in London this week.
PV Thursday 28th October 6.30-8pm
Artist talk Saturday 30 October 2pm
28th October to 21st November 2021
Friday 12-6pm
Saturday & Sunday 12-4pm
Geographies of Print Lab was set up by three contemporary artists, Victoria Margarita Ahrens, Carol Wyss & Victoria Arney in 2020. This collective looks to explore and challenge notions of print within wider contemporary discourse and practice.
We are looking to push the boundaries of time, touch and intuition in printmaking, by expanding our encounter with the materiality of print, as a way of generating new territories of thought.
We share a common thread of investigation into spaces both cognitive and physical. Our concerns are rooted in notions of time/ place, surface/ touch and human/ vestige, often worked into more sculptural forms.
These complex entanglements are at the heart of Geographies of Print and we seek to enter new dialogues away from the historical confines of editions and reproduction.
Through talks, exhibitions and publications on deep time, embodied spaces, both internal and external, and recorded wildness, we aim to foster exchange and go beyond the preconceived boundaries of print.