Film: Catch Your Breath at St John’s

Another opportunity to see the remarkable outdoor sculpture exhibition which took place earlier this summer.

London Group and Invited Artists exhibiting in Churchyard:
Barbara Beyer, Slavomir Blatton LG, Paul Bonomini LG, Clive Burton LG, Martin Darbyshire LG, Mark Dickens LG, Jane Eyton, Rebecca Feiner, Mandee Gage, Alexandra Harley LG, Chris Horner LG, Vera Jefferson, Anne Leigniel LG, Chris Marshall, James Roseveare, Tommy Seaward LG, Christopher Simpson, Almuth Tebbenhoff LG, Paul Tecklenberg LG, Sheila Vollmer, Angela Wright, Natalia Zagorska-Thomas

Catch Your Breath took place on Sun 3 July – Thurs 30 July
in St John’s Churchyard, St John’s Waterloo, 73 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8TY

videography: Paul Bonomini LG
editing: Genetic Moo LG