Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge features artists who use hard edges of some kind in their work but who are not necessarily defined by them. The hard edges they use are often tempered, mixed or contrasted with chaos, mystery or even humour. Its like 60’s Hard edge painting for the 21st Century, or as if Bridget Riley went mad and joined the Sex Pistols. 

Ian Parker

Edge to Edge

23 July 2021 – 31 July 2021 
Open daily 12-4pm & by appointment
The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8TJ

There are six LG members in this exhibition: Vanya Balogh, Paul Bonomini, Sandra Crisp, Alexander Hinks, Ian Parker & Almuth Tebbenhoff

Hard edges in painting and sculpture are a strange thing. A paintbrush is not necessarily designed to produce a hard edge and neither is a ball of clay. But artists from Mondrian to Anthony Caro seem obsessed to incorporate them in their work. The hard edge itself may even come across as a razor sharp line or something a little looser and fuzzy, like a soft hard edge. 

The mystical fascination with hard edges is exhibited perfectly by the artists in this show – Vanya Balogh, Juan Bolivar, Paul Bonomini, Lucy CoxSandra Crisp, Graham Crowley, Jeannie Driver, Robert Dunt, Tom Fleming, Noelle Genevier, Fiona Grady, Alexander Hinks, Ian Parker, Jane Pickersgill, Simon Pike, Kasper Pincis, Lisa Traxler, Nick Grindrod, Simon Streather, Alumth Tebbenhoff, Simon Willis and Samuel Zealey. 

Organised by Alexander Hinks


Alexander Hinks
Graham Crowley Shed (Harrington’s)