Dessin éphémère

Exhibition by Anne Leigniel LG opening in Paris on May 15.

Anne LEIGNIEL “Dessin éphémère”
Installation in situ
Square des Batignolles, Place Charles Fillion – 75017 PARIS

Exhibition from May 15 to June 05, 2024
Opening on Wednesday, May 15 at 6pm
Curator: Nathalie Borowski – Hubert Rivey
This exhibition is supported by the City of Paris.

The installation “ Ephemeral Drawing ” takes the greenhouse of Square des Batignolles as a backdrop. A crystal capital housing an abstract spectacle of colours and fluid shapes, lines of movement where shadows and lights mingle, forming an ephemeral design. This installation is a rereading of the drawings/paintings and the three-dimensional work of the artist. Organically inspired shapes in painted and cut wood, gleaned recycled objects, create the dynamic and rhythmic visual of the kiosk. The elements suspended by wires are a reminiscence and inspiration from the puppet theatres and merry-go-rounds of Parisian gardens.

A visual play space, the installation is an invitation to poetic observation echoing the beauty of the surrounding garden, the movement of the trees and the circulation of visitors.
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