Dance Me To The End Of Time

A major exhibition by Suzan Swale at the Felix & Spear Gallery.

Self Portrait with Red Chair – Suzan Swale 2011

Dance Me To The End Of Time

21 May – 27 June 2021
Felix & Spear, 71 St. Mary’s Road, London W5 5RG
Wed-Fri 11-6; Sat & Sun 12-3

“Many of my paintings try to provoke a dialogue with the spectator, sometimes political, sometimes poetic. They are often visual messages, not closed to open interpretation, trying to reach out and referring back into themselves. Like a whisper or a sharp cry in the dark. I am a witness to events.”

Felix & Spear Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition Dance Me To The End Of Time by the painter Suzan Swale (b.1946). This is the artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.