Collectives and Federations: Why do artists collaborate?

Peter Clossick will be a panelist in this special talk at the Mall Galleries this weekend.

Mall Galleries was founded through the effort of different artist federations in Britain, and since then the need for collectives and federations, in essence, hasn’t changed. Creative partnerships play a key role in the arts: large-scale galleries and individual artists all rely on a network of people supporting their creative output. The Collectives and Federations panel discussion will focus on these interpersonal relationships; exploring the logistics, hows, and whys of artistic collaboration.

Panelists include New English Art Club member Peter Clossick, Vanessa Cabanas and Robyn Graham from Warbling Collective, and Lizet Dingemans from Lot 5 Collective

This event is part of FBA Futures 2019, the UK’s biggest annual survey of emerging contemporary figurative art, mapping new practices and ideas of representation and draughtsmanship, held at Mall Galleries from 8 to 19 January 2019.

12 January 2019
2:00pm – 3:30pm
£5 to £7

Mall Galleries
The Mall
London SW1

You can buy tickets here