Cecily Hey on Antiques Road Show

Janice Goble and Madoc Roberts presented a small selection of Cecily Hey’s artworks to Antiques Road Show expert Rupert Maas.

Robert Maas, Madoc Roberts and Janice Goble

Cicely Hey (1896-1979) was elected to The London Group in 1927. Hey was a close friend of ‘The Father of The London Group’ Walter Sickert. Much later in her very eventful life Hey became a good friend of Janice and her husband, artist Tony Goble, who all lived in North Wales at the time.

Available on
BBC: Antiques Roadshow2024 Series 46
Youtube: Antiques Roadshow2024 Series 46
The segment starts around 11 minutes in, after the pipe

Self-Portrait by Cecily Hey

Madoc Roberts was in touch with the Group’s archivist David Redfern in early 2023 to find out more about Cicely Hey and The London Group – see the newsletter article A tale of three artists.