C. Morey de Morand

With a background of unknown forces and the mysterious chaos of the universe, the world in which we exist has rules imposed to define our society. We ourselves then impose our own boundaries, rules, moralities, guidelines by which we live: to make us safe.

However solid these impositions appear, they shift and change. In these works saturated colour juxtapositions resonate, capturing light. The apparent simplicity is the result of rigorous focusing to stimulate the senses directly and deeply. By the overlapping and shifting of juxtaposed planes perceptions are altered and ambushed. With an elimination of distraction the focus is on the experience itself with its’ after-images and ambiguity.

From Malevich, Mondrian, Newman, Riley, Cubism, Constructivism, De Stijl, Modernism, the paintings build on that strong influence and historical development.

In my work I am trying to make paintings that are the essence of the power and emotions contained. To open the senses.