Birdland I and Birdland II

Solo shows in France by Victoria Arney LG

Birdland I

Parc Naturel regional des Alpilles
Maison du parc, 2 boulevard Marceau 13210 Saint-Remy-de-Provence. France
9-12 / 14-17 Monday – Friday
PV 1 July 18h

This is the first part of 2 shows happening from May – September in Saint Remy, working in collaboration with the national parc and sounds of the endangered birds in the Alpilles. Showing several suspended works with sound and a collaborative musical event with trumpeter Jim Howard on 1 July opening. The event is a projected musical visual score and improvisation using electronics and trumpet from Jim Howard. The score tracks the migration route of the birds to the Alpilles from the Sahel travelling across the Sahara Desert and over the Mediterranean Sea.

Birdland II

Musée des Alpilles
1 Place Charles Favier, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
wed – sat 1-5.30
PV : 1st July 2023 ( Both Venues )

A comprehensive collection of works ranging from Prints, books, film and woodcut blocks all shown in the museum and derived from birdsongs recorded in the Midi France, visualised with the Cornell university Merlin Program.

Birdsong reinvented as a visual score – a retrospective of 4 years work that is a re interpretation of what defines our territories; Scores for musicians, films, books and prints that explore the invisible ebb and flow of species that inhabit temporarily the land around my studio.