Bill Henderson

Concerning: ‘Music for the Storyteller’. 1999 to present.

‘Music for the Storyteller’ began as a title for a painting made in 1999. Since then, it has become a theme for subsequent paintings I have made. The ‘activities’ within the paintings can be seen as a constantly shifting series of events, each one a more or less separate entity, but perhaps sometimes related. They are the ‘Music’, for the individual viewer’s own ‘Storytelling’.

I have always been interested in the inherent ambiguity of painted images, their coming and going, waxing and waning, with implications of growth and decline – a continuous process of re-viewing, re-looking, at the painting, and thereby offering opportunities for deliberate and fruitful confusions, and in the process, drawing the viewers into a much more collaborative role. ‘Storytelling’ therefore can become an active, and hopefully, enriching experience for the viewer.