Bar Tur Photo Award

Charlotte C Mortensson LG is showing in this international award which uses photography to influence the way that we engage with the world.

Bawley : Faces of Humanity

Exhibition Name : Bar Tur Photo Award
Venue : F3 photo museum, also touring and online
Waldemar Strasse, Berlin, Germany
9 – 19 February 2023
Instagram: barturphoto_award

The Bar Tur Photo Award is a prestigious international photography competition. This year over 12,700 images were submitted by 5,000 photographers from 80 countries.
The image by Charlotte is in the section called Faces of Humanity.
The photograph is of my her close friend in Trench Town, Bawley, and it is from an ongoing series called See the morning sun. There is more information about the series on the BarTur website.