The fourth exhibition for Cornwall based Tregony Gallery in London, showcasing gallery artists from Cornwall, UK and USA. Including London Group artists Mark Dunford LG, Daniel Preece LG.

8th – 20th Feb 2022.

Tregony Gallery
230 Portobello Road, London. W11 1LJ
PV Info : please contact Tregony Gallery
Artists : Mark Dunford LG, Daniel Preece LG, Jennifer Pochinski, Tom Climent, Gethin Evans, Euan McGregor, Victoria Atkinson, Nicole Price, David Baird, Alex Cree, Sarah Spackman, James Bland, Jason Bowyer, Kay Vinson, Joe Morzuch, Sara Lee Roberts, Edmund Praybe, Simon Wright, Susan McFarlane, Judi Green, Andrew Wykes, Virginia Bounds, Ian Norris, Claire Ireland, Dot Wade, Chandler McLellan, David Moore, Richard Fitton,

Fully Illustrated catalogue available from: [email protected]