An amalgamation of diverse artists and artworks curated by new London Group member Alex Hinks.

18th – 27th October 2019, Open Fridays to Sundays 2-6pm.

The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8TJ


Wendy Anderson, John Bunker, Gary Colclough, Dan Coombs, Will Cruickshank, Robert Dunt, Alison Goodyear, Tom Hemming, Alexander Hinks, Juliette Losq, Anna Lytridou, Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissi, Anna Reading and Thomas J Ridley.


Amalgamation is a group exhibition of established and emerging artists whose practices range across the spectrum of art from figurative to abstraction. The diverse artworks unite through their organic nature and use of mixed media, multi-perspectives and contrasting forms. The varied exhibits of installation, painting, collage, sculpture and video aim to engage the viewer with subtle connections between the works.

Tom Hemming, Thomas J Ridley and Dan Coombs practices are concerned with figurative abstraction. Hemming produces multi-perspective paintings of his friends and family that show the passage of time made visible by a lack of stillness. Made especially for the exhibition Ridley’s metamorphosing bronze figures with animal heads sit on hard edge plinths. Coombs paintings, which unite his figures with dream landscape worlds. The human encounters in his pieces are charged with a mysterious, symbolic power.

The next amalgamation in the exhibition embodies organic elements from landscapes to raw materials. Juliette Losq creates ink collages and installations on paper that verge between the urban world and the wilderness. The vibrant golden halos pieces by Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissi are filled with nature but devoid of any human presence. Gary Colclough’s masterfully crafted works are a geometric assemblage of old world imagery using oil paint and high-end timber.

As the show evolves, organic and synthetic materials are used alongside each other. Anna Lytridou uses oil paint on linen with steel structure to make an expansion of two-dimensional painting into the physical space, giving a physical presence to the individual painting beyond the illusory picture plane. Will Cruickshank’s woven sculptural pieces are driven through the process of their mechanical creation, resulting in stunning patterns. Anna Reading sculptures appear as relics from an unknown future with her varied use of materials ranging from bitumen to oyster shells. John Bunker produces dynamic, playful painted collages that incorporate found objects. Wendy Anderson will be exhibiting mix media pieces, which fuse ancient pigments from Roman times with magazine montages.

The final artists in the exhibition are concerned with abstract painting through different forms and technologies. Alexander Hinks has created an expanded painting that leaves the canvas for the surrounding space, immersing the viewer. Robert Dunt will be exhibiting a series of painting with vastly contrasting forms. His artwork is inspired by music and exploring the use of colour in a contemporary context. Upstairs in the gallery Alison Goodyear will be projecting one of her virtual reality paintings onto silk. Goodyear’s paintings explore the ideas and possibilities of how an artwork might intervene in the ‘normal’ regime of vision, whilst questioning the materiality of paint and process, whether that be through working with physical or virtual paint. 

Anderson,Evora Tower,2019