Almuth Tebbenhoff: Who Will Buy My Dark Dark World

A group of sculptures made as the world was heading towards the pandemic.

Location: sculpture windows and foyer, Pangolin Gallery

The pieces veer between bleakness and hope, greedy for life, anticipating eventual death. The rusty steel boxes in Inferno have been landscaped and populated with groups of little hollowed out clay cubes, contrasting with the fresh green patch of paint foreseeing hope and change.

Tebbenhoff explores the idea of emptiness, whether as loss of life or just being lost in space and wondering how to find one’s way home. Dwellings is a formation of clay boxes with open sides that aren’t real boxes, rather just suggestions of them. Whether aiming to protect like an open cage with no constraints, or just defining an invisible volume – they are both precious and strong.

‘Who Will Buy my Dark Dark World’
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