An evening of Abstract Art with Chris Horner LG.


Venue :
The Lounge Bar,
Alton Community Centre,
Amery St,
GU34 1HN

Chris Horner, AnaSera Chambers, Jan Offer, Toni Pelling, Jenny Griffiths, Marian Vernau

Saturday 27th August, 6 – 9pm

Website – www.anaseraart.com


The Alton Community Centre and Lounge Bar is proud to present over thirty artworks by artist Chris Horner, a selection of his art students and invited artist AnaSera Chambers. Each artwork is a response to the theme, subject and style of Abstraction. Every artist in the exhibition has observed the world around them and instead of taking literal representation of subjects, they have created an alternative view using a range of shapes, colours, and textures.