A Question of Process 3

Presenting a contemporary snapshot of the huge variety of approaches, materials and processes employed by The London Group artists.

Part three in this series features Charlotte C Mortensson LG, Eric Fong LG and Judith Jones LG. Edited by Sandra Crisp LG.

Sandra Crisp LG invites three artists to place their processes and materials into the spotlight.

A Question of Process is a detailed portrait of the Group in action.
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AQOP 2  Alexandra Harley, Almuth Tebbenhof, Paul Tecklenberg
AQOP 3  Charlotte C Mortensson, Eric Fong, Judith Jones
AQOP 4 Aude Hérail Jäger, Stephen Carley, Beverley Duckworth
AQOP 5  Ian Parker, Micheál O’Connell / Mocksim
AQOP 6  Simon Reid, Genetic Moo, Alex Ramsay
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