Linden Hall Studio in Deal will be holding a new exhibition of sculptures by Robin Greenwwod with paintings by London Group member Gary Wragg.

Both Robin Greenwood and Gary Wragg see abstract art in terms of freedom.

Wragg’s images often seem to shift, with moments of precision emerging from a general disorientating melee. He wants his images to contain an exciting and risky instability and a slowly developing order: his ideal is ‘stillness within movement; movement within stillness.’

Greenwood’s constructions are also improvised, but more securely and patiently realised, with the definite connection of one piece of steel to the next. His sculptures hold together tightly and unfold slowly, moving through space in a way which demands that the viewer also keeps on the move.

Together Greenwood’s sculptures and Wragg’s paintings offer parallel conceptions of a world in a state of flux.

Private View Saturday 12th May 2-4pm