Moment Fields

Recent paintngs and collages by Tricia Gillman LG at Benjamin Rhodes Art.

Threshold II 2021 186X100 Charcoal, pastel, pencil, acrylic paint on canvas – Tricia Gillman

Benjamin Rhodes Arts
62 Old Nichol Street, London E2 7HP
Wed-Sat 12-6pm Feb 8th – April 1st

PV : March 4th 1pm onwards – drinks and snacks and March 29th 6-8pm


Description by Tricia Gillman 
My aim is to record fleeting experience, documenting as directly as possible, our conscious awareness, as each present moment emerges, focuses and melts away. The space of the painting becomes a mapping site, the raw canvas accruing evidence, like the way a tablecloth, a sheet, or a wall collects stains, or the skin we live in rides its years. As the works evolve, they construct and deconstruct themselves, mirroring the emergence and the dissolving of thoughts, feelings and sensations as they unfold simultaneously within the mind and the container of the medium. The slow and generous act of looking negotiates this intimacy of consciousness.