Mark Ainsworth

There are many things that influence my work; these include Islamic Art, Classical music, Alchemy & the various places I have travelled to.

Although these influences are of some importance to me, it is however the creative thought processes that I am involved with whilst painting which determine the outcome of the work. The expressive colours I use create a changing mood and atmosphere in the painting.

The colour reflexes that occur in my paintings stimulate the eye and are a response to the systematic as well as the fortuitous conjunctions of colour on the canvas.

Painting should have a quality of sustained immediacy, in that it has a visual presence both close up and at a distance, it should hold the viewers imagination. I wish to communicate an emotional feeling to the audience, what that emotion is can be dependent on what particular colour I use to create the mood and atmosphere in the in the painting. I do not wish to mimic the world of appearances, but invent my own through the process of painting and a recollection of the various places and images that preside within my imagination.

In the end I wish to engage the senses to create a contemplative art that is caught between a hint of representation and abstract form.