Promote your Exhibition

The Online Communications Committee can help promote your exhibition to members as well as people who follow the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds 

To begin with, make sure that you have all the relevant details which viewers will need to know, this includes the basics like name of the exhibition, where it is when 
Include any web links as well.


When choosing images, consider Instagram and Twitter where the viewing area is small so please do not send the exhibition flyer if there is a lot of text on it, instead choose a single image from the exhibition.
Images may need to be cropped to fit!Try to make the feed description snappy so that it catches the attention of people scrolling through their apps 

Remember that the Team recieve many exhibition submissions so please make sure that all the information is correct as they will not be able to verify. Any exhibition information sent directly to [email protected] will only be promoted to LG members via email.
If you want your exhibition promoted on social media please fill in one of these forms.

The full form 
You will need a google account to access this form but it will allow you to submit all the details at once so please use this if possible 
Submit with google account

If you dont have a google account then please use this form
Submit without an image 
Once you have submitted the form, send your exhibition image to Send your image here
please title your email with the name of the exhibition