Peter Clossick – ‘Hammering out a Poem’ talk and show

Peter Clossick will speak about the philosophy and ideas behind his figurative paintings at a free talk at The Cass.


The discussion will centre on the authenticity of the art object in the 21st century as the halo around art grows ever brighter in our commercial celebrity world, even as the light source, the artwork, vanishes from view. When Peter has finished speaking, there will be a lively discussion with the audience, followed by drinks.

Thu, May 3, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
The Wash Houses
The Cass, London Metropolitan University
21 Old Castle Street, London, E1 7NT

You can book tickets for this free talk on Eventbrite.

Peter Clossick also has a solo exhibition entitled “Hammering Out A Poem” at Felix & Spear in June which you can hear more about at the talk.

Here’s the catalog text by Nicholas Usherwood, 2018

“We are all, in essence, phenomena in a constant state of intra-action, changing as we constantly change the world. Clossick, I feel, understood this intuitively when he wrote to me recently “Go to the beginning where the thing is everything but art./Do it each time from the inside out, reliving the full process of growth.” I could go on to write at length about the complex ways and means of Clossick’s superlative technique but, at heart, it is a tool for the open-ended ‘knowing’ of the world, a ‘performance’ of it that is not only true to his art but, it would seem, true to the underlying nature of the world and, for this reason, if no other, intensely moving.”