Foghorn of Ignorance

Paul Bonomini LG will be exhibiting new work in OPO OPEN 2024

OPO OPEN Exhibition 2024
10th February- 12th March

Old Parcels Office Artspace, Railway Station Car Park, Scarborough YO11 1TU

Foghorn of Ignorance highlights the Inflammatory language used in the media or “gutter press.” More especially the so-called “red tops”. The often sensational, biased, or emotionally charged language used in these publications can be problematic, generally displaying a lack of objectivity by presenting information in a way that appeals to emotions rather than providing a balanced view of the facts, fuelling anger, fear, and division in society. It may perpetuate stereotypes, stigmatize certain groups, and hinder productive, rational discourse. Inflammatory language can be a tool for manipulating public sentiment and advancing a particular agenda. This can be particularly dangerous when it influences public policy or promotes misinformation.”
Paul Bonomini