My May June itinerary

A selection of upcoming exhibitions by Peter Clossick LG.

Peter writes: ‘My subjects are ordinary people who live ordinary and complex lives. I don’t think of an idea and then execute it; my idea arrives through a proprioceptive set of questions about the relatedness to the subject – mainly through painterly gesture – which arrives through sensation, scale, rhythm and bodily process. Expression is represented by feelings rather than illustrated through a narrative storyline or facial expressions

Through my painting I like to feel my emotions, touch and experience the moment. I use tactile oil paint so that the painting falls back into the matter from which it’s made – believing in materialistic painting and dealing with the properties of pigment. Not just optical, but physical objects.’

ArtMill Gallery, Plymouth.
Exhibiting with the Plymouth Society of Artists 17th of May – 14th of June 2024

“Malta Sunset” oil 108 x 82 cm

“Santon” oil 92 x 86 cm

Showing in the “Mirror of Life” exhibition at the Croydon Art Space

18th of May – 10th of August 2024

“Blue Lanteri, Anatomy of Man” oil 92 x 64 cm


The NEAC Annual at the Mall Galleries

13th – 22nd of June 2024

“Francoise” oil monotype 60 x 45 cm

“Frank’s Model” oil 80 x 60 cm

“Two Skulls” charcoal 55 x 52 cm

” Hagar Qim” oil 112 x 80 cm