UNCANNY – Faszination & Unbehagen

Jonathan Armour LG is exhibiting in group show at Galerie nüüd.berlin. 26 Jun-31 Aug.

UNCANNY – Faszination & Unbehagen
Galerie nüüd.berlin
Kronenstr. 18
D-10117 Berlin-Mitte

Mathias Vef & friends: Jonathan Armour LG, Benedikt Groß, Olaf Hajek, Deni Horvatic, Thomas Kutschker, Nicole Srock.Stanley, Rein Vollenga

In his works, Mathias Vef delves into the interplay between body and identity, drawing inspiration from individuals who view their bodies as fluid and subject to experimentation.

To illustrate this, Vef has invited other artists to engage in dialogue through their works. The gallery is excited to publicly debut the NUCA project for the first time—an innovative camera that produces live nude images, developed in collaboration with Benedikt Groß. This AI-supported technology has garnered international attention, marking a significant milestone in the intersection of art and technology.

June 26 – August 31 2024
Thursdays – Saturdays , 13.00 – 19.00
Opening: Thursday, June 27 2024, 18.00
Artist Talk Evening: Friday, July 26 2024, 18.00
Finissage & Artist Talk: Saturday, August 31 2024, 16.00