RA Summer Exhibition 2020

Over ten percent of The London Group have been selected for this Summer Exhibition in Winter. “Discover a myriad of works by household names and emerging artists inside our joyous festival of art.”

Royal Academy of Arts, London W1J 0BD
6 Oct 2020 – 3 Jan 2021
Acis – Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe
Acis, 2020, painted aluminium, 129 x 108 x 55cm
My sculpture ‘Acis’ showing at the R.A. was made after my show at Pangolin in March 2020.
I had started working with Kip Gresham at Cambridge Print Studio on realising the strong connection between my recent sculpture and screen printing.
The sculpture had directed the screen prints but with ‘Acis’ the printmaking seemed to feed into the sculpture.

Regeneration 1 – Sumi Perera


A limited edition original etching & aquatint inspired by a 2 week road trip in South Africa, and a visit to Ponte City in Johannesburg, which is the tallest residential tower in the African continent. It has been featured in many films, photography projects & books.

“Ponte sums up all the hope, all the wrong ideas of modernism, all the decay, all the craziness of the city. It is a symbolic building, a sort of white whale, it is concrete fear, the tower of Babel, and yet it is strangely beautiful”. Norman Ohler

Ponte has come to symbolise the rise and fall and rise again of South Africa’s commercial capital. It is part of an inner-city renaissance in recent years that has seen previous no-go areas turned into gourmet food markets, artists’ studios and trendy apartments.
By the late 1990s there was talk of turning Ponte into a prison. But in 2001, it began a journey to redemption. 
REGENERATION=the act of improving a place or system, especially by making it more active or successful.
This work has personal connections to me as nomad since the age of 3. It explores the connections between architecture & textiles: the fabric of the building as temporary & permanent shelters.

Fool’s Fire Kathleen Mullaniff

Kathleen Mullaniff
Painting, 2020, Oil, (H) 130cm (W) 140cm (D) 4cm

The painting is a reaction to the fires that swept over Australia recently.

Anthony Whishaw RA,
will be showing 6 works in the summer exhibition. They vary in scale (from over 2.5m down to 30cm) and subject matter (swooping birds, mirrors, seascape and architectural openings).

Julie Held
I have a large painting ,”Threshold” in this year’s RA Summer Exhibition . A painting which is part of an ongoing theme in my work of shops and the huge layered of meanings they hold in our cultural life .

Magnetic North – Paul Tecklenberg

Paul Tecklenberg
‘Magnetic North’ was selected by Richard Deacon and can be found in the lecture room.


Thanks to Paul Tecklenberg for compiling this information.