The London Group Open 2015

The London Group, is delighted to announce the call for entries for its 82nd open exhibition. The London Group Open 2015 offers a wonderful opportunity for emerging and established artists to raise their profile, win cash and material prizes worth over £5,000 and exhibit their work to the public alongside the Groupís esteemed members. This year, entries can be made online for the first time, simplifying the application process. Works can be in any medium including painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, audio, digital, mixed media, installation, video and performance. Successful entrants will see their work hung in one of two exhibitions, staged during October and November 2015 at The Cello Factory.

Online Submission

Click here to go to the online submission pages. You can submit up to three works*. Payment is by PayPal, £20 for one work, £35 for two works, £45 for three works. Submission deadline 24th August 2015. * Width up to 150cm. Height up to 200cm or more for sculpture.

Information to Artists + Terms and Conditions

Please read this information about the Open exhibition including details of the prizes on offer.
Entrants are required to agree to the terms and conditions included.

Press Release

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the size limits for wall hung work and for sculpture/installation?

Wall hung work should not exceed 150cm wide x 200cm high. Floor-standing or suspended three- dimensional work should have a footprint not exceeding 150cm x 150cm including plinths and supports. The gallery is a double height space with crossbeams at approximately 400cm high and a ceiling apex of approximately 590cm high. For wall hung work please supply the height and width in the boxes provided on the online application. For sculpture please use the height and width boxes as the footprint and the depth box as the height of your sculpture or alternatively tick the dimension variable box. Works outside the size limits will not be accepted in the exhibition.

Do you accept all art forms?

Yes we do accept all art forms however your work must meet the size restrictions stated in the terms and conditions. Space at The Cello Factory is limited so please bear this in mind when submitting. If your work is performance you may have to perform at one of the PVs. If you want to submit a video of a performance please follow the instructions for entering video work.

Do you accept collaborative work?

Yes we do accept collaborative work. One of the collaborators will need to make the application on behalf of everyone involved.

Can I enter work in a variety of mediums?

Yes you can enter up to three works in a variety of mediums.

Can I enter a triptych, diptych or multiple as one work?

Yes if you consider it to be one work but please make sure that the overall dimensions are within the size limits for one work. You will only be able to upload one image so please ensure that it shows all panels of the work.

Can I enter work if I live outside the UK?

Yes you can enter work if you live outside the UK but please consider how you would deliver work to the gallery at the specified time if your submission is successful.

What if my work has specific installation requirements?

If your work is selected The London Group will install your work in the exhibition. If your work is an installation or has very unusual hanging requirements you may be asked to come and help install your work.

What if my work needs instructions?

If your work is selected and requires electricity or other technical requirements to run then you will need to provide simple instructions about how to turn it on and off each day.

What is the entry code referred to on the registration page?

If you donated work to Draw II you are entitled to one free entry. Please contact for your unique entry number.

Why do I have to include a still image when I am submitting video, digital or audio work?

If your work is selected this image will be used to represent your work in the catalogue. It will not be used in the selection process. Please note that the selectors will only watch the first 2 mins of time-based work during selection.

Do I have to upload my entries all in one go?

No you can edit your entries at any stage until you confirm your entry under the Preview tab. You can log out and log back in at any point until the deadline at 11.55pm on the 24th August. Please be sure to have previewed and confirmed your entries by this date.

Will I receive confirmation that my entry has been received?

When you have uploaded all your artworks you must go to the preview and confirm page. Once you are happy with your works click on confirm. You will then see a notification saying: "Thank you. You have successfully submitted your application for the London Group Open 2015."

Good Luck with your submission!

Here is a downloadable version of The London Group Open catalogue from 2013.

These are images from the previous two Opens in 2011 and 2013.
More images can be found on Flickr