A site specific installation by Paul Bonomini LG at an exciting new arts vebue in Scarborough.

Chaos- Paul Bonomini

Venue : 

The Old Parcels Office
Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1TU
1st October – 30th October 2022, Thursday – Sunday 11am – 4pm
1st October from 2pm – 4pm


Utilitarian galvanised steel ducting is tangled and knotted into a maelstrom of interlocking forms that highlights the looming threat of our dependence on pipelines and the fragility of the complex network of global supply chains we have come to rely on. Enhancing this sense of fragility is an accompanying immersive sound installation created by sound designer, Dave Hunt in collaboration with Paul Bonomini, with musical excerpts by Bruno Etienne. The crashing of ice, peals of thunder and lightning and the crackling of burning fires, alongside the sound of ticking clocks, reinforces the sense of foreboding and imminent climatic disaster.