Susan Haire

These images are of installations from Reflection, Peterborough Cathedral, May/June 2012, a solo exhibition ranging across the whole Cathedral, made in collaboration with New York composer Stephen Dydo.

Much of the work was large scale with Looking beneath the surface reaching 30 metres to the top of the tower. A major part of Reflection toured to Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, in October 2012 in honour of a visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Haire has been collaborating with Dydo since 2006 and previous exhibitions include Watermusic, outLINE in Amsterdam in 2010 and riverrun, Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY in 2008. Haire has had 20 plus solo shows, almost all of which have been installations for specific spaces. She has been collaborating with composers, poets and playwrights since 1997 and recitals and performances often take place in her exhibitions.