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The London Group Draw II

Announcing The London Group Draw II which will take place at 7pm Thursday the 23rd April 2015 at The Cello Factory. The Draw II gives you the opportunity to buy 134 original art works and is raising money to house the 2017 Open exhibition in a single large venue.

For the price of £100 a ticket you will be leaving the Cello Factory with a piece of London Group art under your arm. The sooner your ticket is drawn from the hat the sooner you can choose from over one hundred works of art by members, group friends and celebrity artists. The last Draw in 2012 was one of the most exciting recent London Group events and raised over £10000.

Click here for more details and to see the art.


"Always it is by bridges that we live", from Bridge for the Living, Philip Larkin, Collected Poems, 2003.

A Small Group Exhibition by eleven members of The London Group - works include installation, painting, video and sculpture: Laura Carey, Marenka Gabeler, Aude Hérail Jäger, Samantha Jarman, Amanda Loomes, Charlotte C. Mortensson, Susan Sluglett, Suzan Swale, Tisna Westerhof, Susan Wilson, Erika Winstone.

London is a bridge. It was the lowest point at which the Thames could be bridged. It joins people. It makes connections. Diverse connections. Eleven members of The London Group identify in their work a permanent momentum to cross-reference, reach over to other domains, link and re-orientate.

28 April - 9 May 2015
Open daily 2 - 6pm
Admission Free
The Cello Factory
London, SE1 8TJ


There are several London Group exhibitions this year including the celebrated London Group Open which will be the 82nd Open staged in the group's long history.

In April the Cello Factory will host The Draw II where everyone has a chance to win an original piece of London Group art in an exciting night of chance. This is then followed by a Small Group Exhibition called the Bridge which sees eleven group members tackle the theme of cross connections, also at the Cello Factory.

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The London Group now has a busy Twitter account with over 1000 followers and active contributions from Victoria Rance, Mark Dickens, David Wiseman, David Redfern, Matt Kolakowski, Daniel Preece, Tisna Westerhof, SusanSluglett, Juliette Losq and many others.