Eric Fong

My practice explores themes relating to the body, identity and difference, often informed by my previous profession as a medical doctor. I work mainly in film, photography and sculpture.

The topics I have explored include mental illness, visual impairment, biotechnology and phantom limb phenomenon. I am currently working on two projects: forensic anthropology and facial disfigurement.

Evidence is a series of photographs that explore, in the context of forensic anthropology, biological and social identity and questions the objectivity of photography.

Reflection is a series of five videos that reflect on identity in the context of facial disfigurement.

Fong’s work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally, including EAST International, Norwich; The London Group Open and The Creekside Open, London; Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York; Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto; Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest; and numerous international short film festivals.

Fong’s work is held in the Arts Council England Collection. His awards include a visual arts grant by Arts Council England, artist residency grants by Leverhulme Trust and British Council & Arts Council England, and an exhibition prize awarded by Victoria Miro at Creekside Open, London.