David Wiseman

I make acrylic paintings in the studio in addition to various mixed media works made outside direct from the landscape.

The studio paintings are begun initially stapled to the floor using a loose, exploratory layering of freely drawn calligraphic marks, stains and glazes in an attempt to mirror the movement, mood, change and quality of light in the landscape. I want the paintings to live in that place between the physicality of the paint surface and all the magical illusions, ambiguities and evocations of depiction.

I have been a keen distance runner for many years and most of my running is done along the canal, rivers and coast that inspire much of my painting. This allows a different, more fleeting view of the landscape which becomes part of the paintings. They are not topographical but poetic distillations of the landscape with lots of complexity and changes of focus inviting a number of different interpretations. I use a wide variety of tools, brushes, hand, roller, scraper, sponge etc. which helps me to allow the paint to become the landscape. I mix many of my own colours from pigment allowing a greater control over how the paint operates. Although spending time in Devon and the South Coast I am equally inspired by a close up of a little river or woodland close to my Ealing home. I see myself as a playful celebratory landscape painter.