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The Working Committee meeting in 2010



President : Susan Haire
Vice President : Gill Ingham
Deputy V.P. : Tommy Seaward
Hon. Treasurer : Christine Styrnau
Hon. Secretary : Mike Liggins

Working Committee

The Officers plus:

Annie Johns
Matthew Kolakowski
Amanda Loomes
Genetic Moo
David Redfern (Archivist)
Suzan Swale
David Wiseman
Tisna Westerhof

Selection Committee

Working Committee plus:

Peter Clossick
Mark Dickens
Juliette Losq
Tom Scase
Paul Tecklenberg
Erika Winstone


Contact Details

Email: enquiries@thelondongroup.com

Post: The London Group, PO Box 61045, London SE1 8RN

Facebook: The London Group on Facebook

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To join the mailing list please send a request to the email address above.

Membership of The London Group

New members are proposed to the Selection Committee by an existing member on an annual basis. The committee votes on whom to accept. If you are interested in membership the best way to start is by submitting work to the Open exhibition and make contact with an existing member.